Our Boy Dakota

About me...My past...well, I'm not too sure. One day my people took me for a ride, and then somewhere I'd never been before, they put me out of the car and drove away. I was so scared and sad. Why would they leave me like that? I was picked up as a stray and that's about all I remember of my past.
My new people, well, I picked one of them when she came to the Animal Shelter where I was. I've got some great people now too, my human that I picked at the Shelter, and the human I met when we got to my new home....just know this is a forever and forever home. Two other dogs have been added to our family, a couple of Guinea pigs, already there were some cats and a rabbit. I like to herd the rabbit back in his cage. Always being told, "Let Bee Bop Bunny hop around a bit." I think the rabbit likes the game too though. Anyway, life could not be better.

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