Miss Avery
Joined our household in 1998

A friend gave me a call one day telling me she had found this most beautiful and friendly young cat. They were out to dinner when she noticed this young cat hanging around the Restaurant. Apparently the cat had been hanging around for awhile. After hearing that, without further thought, she put it in her car and took her home. Of course, she didn't want another cat and was hoping to be able to talk me into taking her. Well, being as we only had two cats at the time, I finally agreed. With that, we hung up the phone and within a half hour another cat was in my house. I really did have to agree with her....this kitten was a pretty thing and a real sweety. We figured she was in the neighborhood of 4 months of age. My friend had already decided on a name for her....Avery, as that was the name of the street in Syracuse she was found on. I thought that was kind of cute but didn't think it quite fit. After a little bit of thought, I decided on Miss Avery. I really do hate coming up with names and so wasn't about to change it completely. I just thought Miss Avery fit this little lady a bit better.

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