Stoney Cat....aka Stoner mrroner, Stoney tone, Stoney mrroney, Little Stoney tone.
Came to us in October 1994. Born probably around July 1994

As you can see, we have lots of pet names for her. Little Stoney came to us in October of 1994. We had lost two of our 3 cats that year. When someone called me about this young (probably around 4 months old) stray they had found...well, I thought that it might be a good companion for our remaining cat Skeeter. She never did make friends with our Skeeter cat. Poor Skeeter, he wanted so to be friends. We lost Skeeter only about a month or so later to cancer. Then Stoney was Queen of the house. We had our Alaska dog then...our only house dog at the time. He and Stoney became quite good friends. She loved to tease him and get him to come running and barking. She'd knock things off of the dresser upstairs to create a disturbance and that'd get him tearing up the stairs, barking his fool head off. We lost Alaska to cancer in 1998 and I know poor Stoney cat really misses her games with him. Stoney is still going strong but no longer is the only cat in the house. I think she wondered when I was ever going to stop bringing more animals home...especially cats. I'm sure she'd be more than happy if we went back to a one cat household. Sorry Stoners you just have to share.

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