Summer....aka Summies, Summerset, Summer wummer, Summer girl.
She came to live with us in October of 1998. Her birthday is probably in the Srping of 1998...maybe March or April.

Summer loves everyone....that is except BeeBop the bunny. She probably would prefer if he would move out. If he bangs on his cage...oh dear, we are off to another room to hide. Or if I decide it is Beebop's running around the room time...oh no, that mean bunny is out and this is where she goes
under the computer desk
Summer came from the shelter just like the other dogs. I was looking for a second dog and was talked into taking Summer, as her time was just about up. I really had my eye on another dog. I had seen Summer in her cage and just said hello to her and then moved on to look at other dogs. How did I pass her by I don't know. She is just wonderful...of course they really all are if given a chance. Summer and I are in Search and Rescue training and have passed 3 of our tests. We've been doing agility for a couple of years now. She's just a wonderful all around girl. By the way, the dog I was interested in got adopted too, so that was great.

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